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Dr. Emanuel Vito - Chiropractor

Dr. Emanuel Vito


Meet Dr. Emanuel Vito, the award-winning chiropractor and founder of the Vito Chiropractic Center. Dr. Vito has serviced the Greater Scranton area for the past 25 years and he’s ready for 25 more! Dr. Vito works very closely with his patients to develop a cohesive system of in-office treatments, adjustments, and nutrition. This personally curated system has shown to be highly effective.

There are three types of care at Vito Chiropractic Center. They cover the three ideal phases of treatment all patients should complete for optimum results. And that’s the most important goal, results!

Relief Care

This is the pain-relief phase of care. This is a more intense protocol of treatment to begin reducing and, many times, eliminating pain. Since the goal of treatment is the full rehabilitation of the patient’s condition, pain relief is only the beginning.

Dr. Vito isolates Trigger Points, or points of muscle tension along nerve channels, and first works them to eliminate the “trouble spots” causing the discomfort. By relieving stress and tension in the body, a regimen of gentle chiropractic care becomes most effective in gradually lessening the pain with, may times, dramatic results.

Corrective Care

This is one of the most neglected phases of care. Because of the mindset that pain itself is a condition of the body, the elimination of pain is often confused by patients with a full recovery. Nothing could be farther from the truth. Injured areas of the body often require rehabilitation beyond the point where the pain disappears. Dropping treatment at the pain-relief phase is never advised.

Dr. Vito offers multiple treatment modalities including muscle work & trigger point massage, spinal decompression, traditional chiropractic, and most recently, a low-level, a cool laser which penetrates deeper into the muscles to break up trigger points at their source.

Maintenance Care

Let’s face it. If you took perfect care of your teeth, you wouldn’t have to visit the dentist once or twice per year. Life is stressful. Bodies get bumped around, stressed out, injured, etc. The Vito Chiropractic Maintenance program is designed to keep you in good shape to keep you from having to constantly be under care.

Dr. Vito works closely with his patients to ultimately choose the type of care that works best for them.

Dr. Emanuel Vito - Dr. Eric Kaplan
Dr. Emanuel Vito - Chiropractor Dr. Emanuel Vito - Chiropractor
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