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Chiropractic Care in Taylor, PA

Back pain can be caused by many conditions and injuries. At Vito Chiropractic Center, we provide wider chiropractic care for different types of conditions. This includes providing back pain relief and disc herniation relief. Our services are provided throughout Taylor, Pennsylvania, and the surrounding areas. Our award-winning chiropractor, Dr. Emanuel Vito, has been practicing in the region for over 25 years. We work closely with our patients to develop a complete treatment plan involving in-office treatments, nutrition, and lifestyle changes.

Back Pain Relief

Our chiropractic care focuses on providing back pain relief associated with different conditions. The common causes include back sprain injuries, spinal stenosis, facet joint sprain, sacroiliac sprain, and lumbar intervertebral disc injuries. Spinal manipulation is the most used and effective therapy to provide pain relief. We can use other types of treatments as well.

Chiropractic Care, Taylor, PA During your initial visit, we will require you to answer a few questions about your symptoms, healthy history, and goals. We will want to learn about your:

  • Current health issues
  • Past illnesses and injuries
  • Current medications
  • Diet and lifestyle
  • Exercise and sleeping habits
  • Use of tobacco and other substances
  • Mental stress

After the diagnosis is complete, we can start the treatment from your second visit.

Manual manipulation is the most effective chiropractic therapy for providing back pain relief. This involves the use of hands to improve spinal movement. The focus is on improving joint mobility in specific areas of the spine, lower back, neck, middle back, and pelvis. This can help reduce any tightness in the muscle. It can also help in eliminating any nerve irritation that may travel down the leg or arm, thus causing pain, numbness, tingling, or loss of strength.

Disc Herniation Relief

Disc herniation refers to injury caused to the intervertebral disc. It can occur anywhere in the spine and can cause pain in the thoracic spine, mid-back, lower back, arm, fingers, wrist, and even around your chest. It has also been known to cause pain in the thigh and different areas of the foot. It can affect different areas of the spine and the examination, diagnosis, and treatment can vary accordingly. If you suffer from a herniated disc, you already know how much painful it can be. Besides, it can hamper your movement and range of motion. We will carefully assess your condition and spinal health before deciding the right course of treatment. We provide neurological and scientific-based chiropractic care for safe spinal adjustment to create a pain-free lifestyle.

Chiropractic Services

We follow a unique approach to chiropractic care to ensure complete treatment. The different phases of our chiropractic services are as follows:

  • Relief Care: During this phase, the focus is on providing pain relief to our patients. We will isolate trigger points along the nerve channels to address the trouble points that cause the pain.
  • Corrective Care: The treatment of disc herniation, neck pain, headaches, or other types of pain should not end just end with the elimination of pain. We can use different treatment modalities to help correct the underlying issue. This can include spinal decompression, muscle work, conventional chiropractic, trigger point massage, and the use of a cool laser.
  • Maintenance Care: Our maintenance care program can help you lead a healthier lifestyle and prevent the need to seek constant care.

At Vito Chiropractic Center, we follow a comprehensive approach to treatment for your back pain, disc herniation, or other pain-related problems. With decades of practice and presence in the field, we have developed a unique and time-tested approach to chiropractic care. If you want to discuss your pain or discomfort issues or want to fix an apportionment, call us today at 570-341-7062. We can also be reached via this Online Form.
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