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Chiropractic Pain Relief in Scranton, PA

Pain Relief, Scranton, PA Chiropractic treatment is used for providing pain relief in a wide range of conditions. Whether you have back pain, neck pain, or headache, we at Vito Chiropractic Center offer the right therapies to provide you relief and help improve the underlying conditions. We are in Scranton, PA and provide our services to patients from all the surrounding cities and suburbs.

Back Pain Relief

A spine that is out of alignment can cause pain, stiffness, and soreness and prevent you from functioning normally and carrying out your everyday activities. Our spinal adjustment therapy can help you find back pain relief from not just the symptoms but the underlying cause as well. Back pain can affect all aspects of your lifestyle. We will walk you through different potential solutions to improve your condition.

Our chiropractic adjustments can provide back pain relief by returning your spine to its natural alignment. This will allow the spine to support your body weight and completely different ranges of motion in a proper way. When the spine is in alignment and there is proper weight distribution, your joints and the surrounding muscle can relax.

Neck Pain Relief

If you suffer from neck pain, we will conduct exams to locate the source of the pain. During the consultation, we will ask you several questions related to your symptoms and the remedies you may have already tried before creating your neck pain relief treatment plan. Neck pain can be caused due to many reasons. Some of the most common ones we come across include:

  • Accidents and injuries
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Aging
  • Degenerative disc disease
  • Spinal stenosis
  • Poor posture, weak abdominal muscle, obesity

We will conduct physical and neurological examinations. The physical examination checks your posture, physical condition, and range of motion, and overall structure of the spine. The neurological exam involves testing muscle strength, reflexes, pain spread, and various nerve changes. We may also order diagnostic tests such as X-rays and MRI, CT, or CAT scans.

A neck adjustment or cervical manipulation helps improve spinal mobility and restores range of motion. It is also beneficial for the surrounding muscles. We will develop an individualized care program that involves multiple procedures based on your condition.

Headache Pain Relief

There are different types of headaches, differentiated based on their causes. If you are in Scranton, PA, or the surrounding areas, reach out to us to discuss your headache symptoms and fix an appointment.

Cervicogenic Headaches

These types of headaches usually begin as one-sided pain at the back of the head and move to the front. They can also be accompanied by arm or shoulder pain on the same side. These headaches are caused by certain underlying neck problems and are often triggered by injuries. They are less common, and medication is usually not helpful in improving the symptoms. Our spinal manipulation therapy can help provide headache pain relief for this condition. The other therapies include joint mobilization, and deep neck flexion exercises.

Migraine Headaches

Migraine headaches are often accompanied by other symptoms including nausea and dizziness. Migraine is also often accompanied by neck pain. This can make it difficult to differentiate between cervicogenic headaches and migraines. We will conduct a thorough examination and understand the underlying causes before beginning one or more of the following chiropractic therapies for headache pain relief:

  • Neuromuscular massage
  • Multidisciplinary care intervention

Tension Headaches

We regularly receive patients that suffer from episodic tension headaches. The underlying cause can be prolonged tension in the shoulders, neck, and/or head. A multidisciplinary approach including stress management and soft tissue therapy including trigger point therapy and stretching have been found to be helpful in providing headache pain relief for tension headaches. Low-load craniocervical mobilization has also been found to be helpful.

We at Vito Chiropractic Center, led by award-winning chiropractor Dr. Emanuel Vito, have been practicing in the Scranton area for over 25 years now. We work closely with each patient to create an individualized treatment and nutrition plan. If you need more information about our pain relief services, call us at 570-341-7062 or write to us using this Online Form.
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