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Nutrition Testing

Most people will visit a doctor only when they feel weak or experience serious symptoms. They usually ignore body pain, fatigue, weakness, and other abnormal changes in their body. These changes are signs that the body needs some rest and intervention to restore its optimum function. A compromised immune system, for example, can lead to various chronic diseases that are difficult to treat. Some of these diseases may even cause irreversible damage to your body and may become worst over time. Most health practitioners will recommend conventional treatment and medications to address these health issues. But sadly, some of these options may not work for you. You'll need to find a better alternative such as the programs we offer here at Vito Chiropractic Center. Our holistic approach in restoring your health is not only based on chiropractic techniques and other modes of therapy. We also recommend nutrition testing, which is based on scientific procedures and clinical studies. You may find this approach unconventional but, believe us, you will be amazed at its health benefits. Please call us at 570-341-7062 to learn more about this kind of testing.

Accurate Health Assessment Using Nutrition Testing

At Vito Chiropractic Center, we will help you understand your overall health condition by doing an in-depth analysis and evaluation of your body's neurological reflexes. Your body's response will tell us the state of health of a particular organ and the flow of energy in each organ in your body. We use nutrition testing, a safe and non-invasive method in determining the underlying causes of your ailments. The procedure will evaluate your entire body, particularly your glands, muscles, joints, and organs. We use proven techniques and century-old methods in identifying your body's weak points and abnormalities. A weak area would mean a compromised or malfunctioning system in your body. We also look at your body's nutritional deficiency since it is one of the primary causes of chronic diseases.

Amazing Benefits of Nutrition Testing

Nutrition testing is not only limited to assessment and evaluation. The next stage is creating a health improvement program that will suit your nutritional requirements and current state of health. The personalized program will address your body's nutritional deficiency and help hasten the recovery of dysfunctional organs. Once you take the right kinds of nutrients, your body's ability to heal will be faster. In fact, most of our past clients feel its positive effects in just 4-6 weeks. Those who have completed the program and followed the recommended nutrition protocols were more than happy with the results. Our recommended nutritional program may include changes in eating habits, lifestyle, and the kinds of food you eat. By letting your body repair itself you will certainly achieve a rejuvenated body free from any ailment.

Patients who availed of our nutrition testing have reported numerous positive changes in their bodies.
Here are some of them:

  • weight loss
  • sleep improvement
  • early glaucoma detection
  • lessen headache frequency and migraine attacks
  • correction of digestive problems
  • increased in energy
  • relief from chronic pain

If you want a healthy body that can function at its optimum level, contact us at Vito Chiropractic Center. We have already helped countless patients from Scranton, PA and we can surely help in restoring your health through chiropractic care and nutrition testing.
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